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Days of work: 10

Days ridden: 8

Days carpooled: 1

Days with off-campus “stuff”: 1

Miles for the last two weeks: 157.41


Days ridden: 31    Days driven alone: 6   Days carpooled: 2

Longest streak of days ridden: 13

Total miles: 600.45

A lot of things happened for the first time during these last two weeks.



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This is a continuation of my previous post, which detailed some reasons why I’m attempting to ride my bike to work as much as possible. In particular, I mentioned saving money, saving the planet, and saving my strapping young figure.

Really, is there even a reason why I shouldn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t ride to work every day? Um…

  1. Rain.
  2. The dark of winter, which will require me to leave home in the dark, and ride home at dusk.
  3. The cold of winter. Especially when combined with #1.
  4. Safety, I guess. Though I could just as easily crash my car. However, #2 is a factor in this.
  5. Rain.
  6. Lazy bastard…
  7. Time. It takes me 20-30 minutes more to ride to work than drive. That’s forty minutes to an hour that could be spent: (a) At work, getting stuff done, (b) at home, hanging out with Corbchops and the Wife, or (c) sleeping. Generally, it would be about 25% (a), 25% (c) , and 50% (b), since they’ll be asleep when I leave in the morning.
  8. Rain.
  9. Energy, or lack thereof. I would think this would come into play more at the beginning, when my body is not used to riding so much.
  10. I’m an American, and that means I’m supposed to drive to work.
  11. “But sometimes I have meetings after school at other schools.”
  12. Rain.

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  1. Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Crackers*
  2. Dill Beans*
  3. Cranberry Sauce*
  4. Mashed Potatoes
  5. Maple-roasted Sweet Potatoes
  6. Green Bean Casserole
  7. Scalloped Oysters
  8. Regular Stuffing
  9. Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
  10. Herbed Pan Gravy
  11. Herb-roasted Turkey
  12. Pumpkin Pie
  13. Apple Pie
  14. Pear Crumble
  15. Vanilla Ice Cream
  16. Whipped Cream*
  17. Egg Nog Cookies

*Didn’t eat that

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Day is done

  1. Rent floor sander
  2. Put on dust mask
  3. Put on safety glasses
  4. Put in earplugs
  5. Turn Mariners game to full volume on the radio
  6. Turn on sander
  7. Sand paint and lacquer off literal floor while Felix mops figurative floor with Boston Red Sox

I love Felix Day. And my first live Mariners game of the year is Sunday. Unfortunately, I think that day is Weaver Day, known by its more common moniker: Suck Day. ‘Course, it’s hard to not suck when you’re a really bad pitcher and Felix shows you that having extra days off is not really a valid excuse for an absolute shite pitching line.

Suck  2.2  7  7  2  1
Felix  9.0  1  0  2  6

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You may or may not know, recently the wife and I returned from Europe, travelling through Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenjia, and Italy by bike and train. The trip is documented elsewhere, but I have some things to say here about my new-found joys of travelling by bicycle. And I will say them in list form, because I haven’t written any lists yet, and lists are fun to write, because they seem less like writing and more like thinking on paper.


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