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We planted pie pumpkins this year. The yield is seven ripe, ten green. What, oh what, to do?

It shall be noted that I had to carve all of these myself. And I did so, happily, and with surprising pace.


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Is it like growing a third arm? Or more like a little person growing out of your thigh?

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We lost another chicken last night, cruelly but naturally taken by our new neighbors, who live in the woods and the park and do not differentiate between prey and pet.

We have kept chickens in the city since buying a house here in 2003. I was quite adamant that we would and could have chickens. Keeping chickens is perfectly legal and, despite that, is at once fun, easy, rewarding, and sometimes quite popular. Still, the Wife took some convincing. But she loved them in the end.

While living downtown, we raised two. Actually, we started with three. Two were roosters, and we sent them off to the farm. Then we bought two more to take their place. One of them died in a freak attack by a friend’s dog, whether by physical injury or sheer shock, I could not tell. So we were left with two.


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