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So, I’m a fan of this show. This Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. On the Food Network. Every single damn thing on this show looks delicious.

OK, not every single thing. There’s nothing particularly delicious about host Guy Fieri. He’s kind of a goof. He dresses like a middle schooler. But he’s amusing in a..I don’t know…cute sort of way. Like the way a little kid is amusing sometimes. He’s certainly passionate about the food. He’s just a little too surfer dude. Or something.

But the food is ridiculous. It’s all grease and cheese and meat and awesome. It’s 10:40 at night and I’m watching and I’m hungry because their showing me these damn stuffed meatballs and tamales and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. The Wife hates watching this show because it makes her too hungry. Lobster mac-n-cheese. Good god.

So, I finally made it to one of these diners or drive-ins or dives.

Tomahawk Barbeque
North Vancouver, BC

We’d gone skiing at Cypress in North Vancouver, BC. For groomed cross country, it’s kind of the place within two hours of Bellingham. It was a beautiful day. Then I got a speeding ticket as I coasted down the mountain. So that sucked ass.

Things were made better by a little side trip to walk along the water at Stanley Park, and then dinner at Tomahawk Barbeque.

The place was pretty funky. From the outside, it kind of looked like the side of a building. Because, all you could see was the side of the building. No sign. Nothing. If you looked carefully, you could see the tops of two totem poles sticking up. But you had to look close. It was pretty small, too. Just a counter and maybe twelve tables.

The place was nearly empty when we got there, though it was a bit early for dinner. The menu was as follows: All-day breakfast options, burgers, sandwiches, “Old fashion favorites,” and Tomahawk specialties. I was really tempted by the burgers. I’ll give you some stats:

  • 1 veggie burger, 1 chicken burger, 1 fish burger, 2 hot dogs
    • Nothing more to say about these, though they seemed delicious.
  • 8 beef burgers
    • 3 of which included a hot dog on the burger
    • 5 of which included bacon
    • 3 of which included an egg

It’s really, really hard not to order a burger that has cheese, bacon, egg, and a hot dog on it. Maybe next time.

I went for the Steak and Mushroom Pie, which was featured on DDD. It was pretty damn tasty. Ridiculous gravy, super flaky crust. Plus super-buttery mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. It was a lot of food, but I ate it all.

I also took a bite of The Wife’s basic bacon cheeseburger and the Corbchops’ hot dog. And the potato and sweet potato fries. All tasty.

The place started to fill up as we were finishing. I heard a lot of people asking for the roast beef dinner, which was also on DDD. It included a Yorkshire pudding, which is basically a baked pancake. It looked good, but a bit pricey.

Next time, I’d really like to try the breakfasts. The omelets looked outstanding. And a burger with a hot dog. And cheese. And bacon. And an egg.



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