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And did they mess up and give me Canadian bacon? Or do they think that qualifies as sausage?



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One last real southern experience before we head home. Mert’s Heart and Soul in downtown Charlotte. There were a few promising sounding places in Charlotte, but most of them were either outside of our range or closed Mondays. Really wanted to go to Price’s Chicken Coop. Ah well.

I had ribs with green beans and yams. The Wife had BBQ pork sandwich, as usual, with potato salad. The Corbchops had grilled cheese. The Iza had mac and cheese.

The green beans and yams were pretty good. The mac was good enough. The potato salad was typical. The meat was nowhere near what we had elsewhere.

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We braved a thunderstorm for our final Charleston prepared meal. Did you know that not only is it super hot and humid here, but that every day or two there is a torrential downpour? Yeah, never moving here. How can you enjoy a summer like that?

So we went to Jack’s Cosmic Dogs for some hot dog action. I think Bellingham could use a forward thinking, diverse-menu hot dog joint, yeah?

We had a Cosmic Dog (blue cheese slaw, sweet potato mustard), a Galactic Dog (chili, cheese, slaw, spicy mustard), an Orbit City Dog (chili, cheese, onion, spicy mustard), and the kids had corn dogs.

I didn’t like the spicy mustard much, so that was kind of a bummer, since two of our choices had that. The Cosmic Dog was delicious.

We also got cheesy fries. They were sort of gross. Mushy.

I felt a little nasty afterward. Yug.

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The tail end of our Carolina trip is not quite living up to the standard set in the first ten days or so. I blame it on the fact that we returned our rental car and are stuck in this hotel.

I had grits with my breakfast of omelet, pancakes, sausage, bacon, potatoes. They were cream of wheat style, which is OK and nostalgic, but not great.

Free breakfast, though.

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North, South, East, West.
Hotel restaurants are not the best.

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Just a few nibbles at the farmers market this morning, before we headed to the beach to get salty, sweaty, and slightly pinkened.

Samples. Deep fried peanut. Eat the shell and all! It was pretty tasty. Also tried pickled okra, which was good if you like pickled things and okra. And some chocolate.

Pint of blueberries. I like blueberries. We also got peaches but we haven’t eaten them yet.

Chocolate ice cream. Because it was hot. At 10 am.

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Back to non-regional-specific food today for lunch. Soup and sandwiches at the Five Loaves Café, a fun spot that would be quite at home in Bellingham.

We got three half sandwiches and a three-soup sampler, since there was way too many good choices to narrow down. So:

  • Hot Ham & Brie: with green tomato jam, mustard, and vinegar slaw on a baguette
  • Chicken Salad Club: with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion on sourdough
  • The Parker: with grilled pork loin, spicy bleu cheese spread, caramelized onion, baby spinach and tomato on rye

All delicious. There were about four other sandwiches I wanted to try.

Half sandwiches? We’ll still be hungry. So, soup:

  • Potato cheddar broccoli
  • Chilled Thai coconut and cucumber
  • French onion

Also all delicious. Also with several other alluring options.

Small pours of soup? A satisfied feeling in the gut? Wait, there’s room in there? So:

  • The Wife: Chocolate peanut butter pie – I had a few bites and it was very creamy and delicious if you go for that pb/chocolate combo.
  • Me: Ultimate chocolate cake – Five texturally different layers of chocolateyness which almost disappeared before I could snap a pic.

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